Broken PvP MMR, Toxic/Stupid Player, Hacker

Broken PvP MMR

i now have just under 100 games behind me. I have won about ~53% and am still in the lowest rank. I get an average of 15 points per victory… however i lose 16-17…of course 53% is not really the best win rate. But how can it be that I in the LOWEST RANK i get less poins on a victories then losing poins on a defeat?

Toxic/Stupic Player

besides the fact that in my opinion the MMR System is broken… it is amazing how toxic players are or just ignore everything! Besides the fact that every 2-3 rounds I get melee fighters who say “now we can go in” after the enemy bard or pala has made their ultimate…

or people like that… (my team has won btw.)

I unfortunately didn’t make a video but I had already 2x a match in which the opponent clearly had hacks… or can anyone explain to me how you can use your ult 3 times within ~20sec as a Mage?


and furthermore I don’t understand the time display in PvP… sometimes it stands for example 3/7 and it takes ~10-20sec (despite the time is at 0) sometimes you have only 1 more and it directly ends?

What type of hacks are people complaining exist?

How about you read how ranks are distributed in this game before crying you are stuck?

It isn’t normal distribution like CS:GO where only 5% are sitting in the lowest rank.

90% are bronze in Lost Ark.

mainly cooldown and speed hacker

in KOR that’s exactly why the MMR system has already been revised, but of course we have the same as it was in Lost Ark V1.0 so before you answer see how it is in other regions… and it has already been announced that we will get the adjustments in S2, so why not directly from the start?

They have fixed all this stuff in KR MMR is like 200 below on each rank so silver is 1099 etc. But here we are repeating the same mistakes its funny.

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now i only get 14-15 and lose 16… fun