Bruh what are these skins?

No sex skins again, WTF Amazon?!


I like them all… Look at the top part of the girls BOOBA are we getting those skins?


Looks like a lot of jar bait except for the top.


1 is ok I guess. 2,3,4 are horrible in my opinion :laughing:
The third one looks extra ridiculous.

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taste on skins is subjective, they wont be able to please EVERYONE uwu (not even with booba skins) there will be always someone saying: Those skins are trash

Boobs look good, but the pants are awful

They look good to me :o

Don’t see the panties

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Nude skin when?


But are we getting those skins or what? :open_mouth: i can’t see any info on twitter :c



Where you find it?

Their website bruh

Oh wow, so they didn’t twit about it lmao this is weird, also those tops are pretty popular in Kr right now (iv seen some people on kr wearing the tops of the male and females)

This is modren striper wear which is and was popular in medaieval times. it’s not too sexy nor to modren its just perfect between mafia and striper wow nice skins love them *(please kill me)

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imagine how sweaty you would get, these are summer skins? lmao sad

Jokes aside, those skins sets are really popular on Kr lol

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Those are not the summer skins wtf are you talking about lol we getting summer skins at summer

Scrapper looks good actually. Tiger gauntlet go rawr