BSOD on game launch, during EAC start up

As of today, I can’t open the game without a BSOD crash

This occurs during EAC’s start up, a few seconds after the blue progress bar fills

The errors I’ve received are:




I’ve tried repairing EAC, I’ve tried verifying the integrity of Lost Ark’s game files on steam, and I’m currently reinstalling Lost Ark to see if that fixes it.

Elden Ring (which also uses EAC) opens with no issues, and FFXIV (no EAC) runs fine too - so I think the crash is being caused by Lost Ark’s EAC.

Any advice?


I actually randomly started having the same issues today too, same BSOD error codes and everything. I too tried to verify integrity first, then tried to repair EAC. Nothing. What I did was update nvidia drivers, and now the game launches fine, so I’d say give that a try.

Something new everyday with Lost Ark lol…

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game seems to have fixed it for now, I’ll post again if the error reocurrs

I actually updated my drivers last night, prior to the error occuring - I’m using a 1080ti on driver version 512.59 (released 26/04/22)