Buff honing and release compensational title and mats relative to their highest leveled character


  • Tier 1 should have 90% honing rates at +14 to +15
  • Tier 2 would have 90-80% rates at +13 to +15
  • And as for Tier 3, we can simply have the “leaked” honing buffs for T3

But what is our solution for the raging players who may feel slightly cheated and exploited?

Mail them a roster bound (untradeable) compensation with mats depending on their highest leveled character together with a title that gives +1, +2, +3 charisma based on what tier they are on.

e.g. Players who are on T2 will be compensated with 3000 blue stones and 1000 red stones for their current T2 character together with 5000 blue fragments with 2000 red fragments for their current or future tier 1 alts.

T3 compensation will depend on whatever change they make on honing rates for T3. And also, these numbers doesn’t need to be followed strictly it’s just my own approximation on what I feel would be good enough for me.

I’m curious who feels “cheated” there was much MUCH more data about any rates for this game than any other western release.

We got the catchup mechanic of islands to aid westernisation; just because a vocal minority want everything and want it now you don’t need to kill the core of a game because of people crying and feeling cheated because they decided they didn’t want to check any information about the system before they started playing.

I personally , feel cheated.
1 vote from my side.

Just to clarify, the people I was referring to are the one’s who already went through their shitty RNG experience through T1-T2 and especially, those who are already at 1370+ because they’re the ones who can potentially feel “cheated” the most knowing that other players wouldn’t be spending resources and time as much as they did to get to where they are now. I personally don’t need any compensation but not everyone would feel the same.

your actualy dont need alot of % doing honing thats the main challenge on this game if they put what u want this game will be easy. What AGS need to do is give us more mats to farm coz its limited per day.

Well some are just lucky and a lot are just whales.
Also long time Lost Ark players like Zeals and Stoopzz have adressed this issue and wondering WTF they are doing in NA/EU version.

I feel the game design is being missed here, there is a LOT to do for materials; you can powerpass 2 alts, you can then knowledge transfer 9 more.

That’s more daily activities than you have time in a day.

“But Pinkbunnyman” I hear you say “That only gives me low tier mats, that doesn’t help me get to 1370 quicker”, every single mat sells on the market, fairly quickly; I’ve knowledge transferred 4 chars up gotten them to T2 by funnelling mats and make money to buy hones on my main char.