Buff on striker please PVP

I think no matter the skill you have with striker you will always struggle to climb your pvp rank because there are classes way better then striker. I just think that striker should have at least some push imunnity skills because im always being interrupted by other skills and that is so annoying for real… So a buff should be cool and maybe to try and balance the pvp

Its probably more to do with how you are playing, striker really isnt in a bad spot. Just watch some high rank vids from the other servers and adapt how you play. Goodluck with the climb.

Dude, when was the last time you checked ranking?

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Striker is probably one of the most balanced classes in pvp. They aren’t broken but they aren’t super weak either. You just have to pick your moments correctly when it comes to using your cds. You will never be the damage leader because you are more of a disruptor rather than a general dps class.