Buff Zerker please!

Our skills have too long of a cooldown and the animations are too long for Finish Strike, Hell Blade, and Strike Wave. Make them all instant cast(and no charge time for strike wave). Also in Mayhem we lose 75% of our health but only get 65% damage mitigation. it should be 75% for 75%! Also can we please get a stance swap so that we can fire off our abilities at range when needed so we don’t have to always be in melee? One last thing. Please make it so green hp pots can be used 9 times in raids. Thank you! :clown_face:

Called Jeff 5 minutes ago and he said he gonna inform the stuff working on LA. They try to make it happen next patch. If not they said sorry 2 patches later it is certain.

My man!

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You’ll see, the nerf will fix it next week ))

You started off good, but made it too obvious at the end :frowning: I would’ve loved to see people go absolutely mental over this.

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The nerf is barely a nerf. Purple pots achieve the same result as greens except we will get more uses, slight personal dps nerf sure but party buffs make up for it in party situations since the party buff duration was extended for nearly the entire cd of red dust, so nearly 100% uptime on a 6% party damage buff

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