Bug about Abyssal dungeon weekly login

I tried to make Abyssal Dungeon yesterday evening, there was a lot of lag and when I tried to enter Alaric’s Sanctuary, a group found and started the game, but then the group disbanded and when I tried to enter again, I saw that my weekly ticket was gone. Please come up with a solution to this, it’s an important dungeon that I need to enter, not being able to do it for a week will put me very back.

Region: Europe
Server: Kadan
Character: Torospu

Same Problem here I wrote to the support about it 3 times first guy told me to check “File integrity” on steam so i did no help. Second guy told me that there is no crash on my account so they cant do anything about it. The third guy told me its a know issus but only the devloper can da something about it. so basicly forget get it you same as me cant enter abyss doungen this week.