Bug about my char

My character:Gunarts My character is performing a friendship quest Time to Heal(Queen Ealyn ) . When I enter the Ancient Elveria(Dungeon), I get stuck. I’ve been keep loading the progress bar and can’t enter the task scenario.
error105:Corrupted data found please verify game data using the launcher menu or reinstall the client
I have verify game and reinstall the client,error 105 is still prompted.
Other character don’t have this problem, Can enter Ancient Elveria(Dungeon)
My main char has been unable to enter the game,pls help me get out of that area.
I tried to log in with my wife’s computer,error 105 is still prompted.
I think there is no problem with my client,pls fix it asap.

Thank you and have a great day

I’d post this in the support section. As you’re more likely to get help there.