Bug about my main char


I am currently stuck in the bugged Ealyn Rapport Quest(time of heal) Everytime i try to load in on my character the game crashes.
I already rebooted and checked the game files via steam.
The problem seems to be solved by moving my characters location to vern castle.
So please relocate my character to vern castle
char: Gunarts

thank you and have a great day

Hello @huhunian i hope you are doing great!

To be able to relocate you character i will need you to close Lost Ark. let me know so i can send your character to a safe location. :smiley:

I’ve closed Lost Ark pls help me @Valret

Hi Valret, I’m hijacking this thread as I have the same issue and am hoping you can sort for me too please :slight_smile:

Character name: Ynra
Server: Zinnervale
Region: EU Central

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @huhunian!

I relocated your character to Vern Castle you can log back now.

See you in Arkesia!

Hello @Viziix!

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

i relocated your character as well.

Have a nice day!

Thats great thank you muchly :slight_smile:
I’ll refrain from trying that quest again for a while
Have a good one! :slight_smile: