Bug after a dc during Vykas


I got disconnected during last gate of vykas legion raid (close before she die), when I log back in I was alone and gate was cleared, I got no loot and I didn’t received the ticket when you get a disconnected during a raid legion. When I try to join a new party I have a message saying I can’t enter.
What are you going to do for me?


Nothing is what they are gonna do. You might or might not receive an automated ticket in 24-48 hours. Happened to me three times in three weeks on different characters. Don’t even bother asking a CM or support, it seems like no one can be held accountable for any situation regarding this game. Everyone is powerless to the might of AGS and SG, even actual employees. Asking an NPC in the game could possibly give you a better insight on the topic at this point. Jokes aside, I just can’t believe it’s still not fixed yet. It’s clearly the game’s poor infrastructure and lack of polishing. All we can do is pray for the return of the whales if we want this game to stay alive now.

Sorry to hear you’ve had this issue, mavka.

If you haven’t received your ticket within 24 hours, please contact our customer support.