[Bug] Arena is completely bugged

Hi everyone, thanks for the reports.

The team has investigated, and the next steps are collecting feedback on this to share it with SmileGate RPG. However, it looks like fixing these issues will likely require a new client/build. Because of this, it is not something we are likely to be able to patch for this Beta period.

I do apologize, because I know that a lot of passion and dedication went into planning this tournament.


Roxx, would reaching lvl 50 fix damage scaling down? Could anyone the amazon team confirm it for the rest of us?

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Thank you Rox. Honestly we’re gutted, but the recognition of the tournament and the communication definitely goes a long way with me personally, I can’t speak for others but it’s appreciated.

Don’t worry the tournament organizers are not done yet. I can confirm they are working hard to find a solution :slight_smile:

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50 is doing normal damage. I know you’ll wait for Rox’s reply but I can confirm (or you can check Darksma’s twitch, he’s 50 on gs) it seems to be working normally at 50.

Also, it could be worth putting the word out on twitter that this bug is recognised and is not normal PvP behaviour. Just in case any of the newbies think this is actually how PvP looks in this game and is not a bug. I’d imagine most don’t know this.


Can confirm. Depending on the ability, PvP damage in the Arena is anywhere between 3x to 10x times lower than what it should be. We seem to have Season 1 damage with Season 2 health pools. Twitch VODs below for comparison.

EU CBT damage -4 November

Normal damage on RU - 30 October


Roxx would unlocking the level boost be a viable option during the beta? If player can just use the level boost to 50 they can at least try pvp during this time without being bound to 14+ hours of level grinding. At least gives an option to those who are most interested in trying pvp this week.


This is an excellent idea, at least for the Beta. Especially if it can’t be patched out.

I was really looking forward to the tournament, i have also planned to invite bunch of friends home and watch it all together!

Please Roxx if possible hand over the peeps in the tournament a free boost so they can participate!

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i wanted to get 26 and pvp all beta long, but now i’m not really feelin it.

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Can we please atleast get one free boost to lv 50 to try pvp some people just wanted to test it i also saw Streamers and casuals saying pvp is trash and unbalanced scaring awqy players

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The only issue with the free boost is the rest of the game needs to be beta tested as well, and most people will skip to 50 if they give us a free boost. From reading the entire story so far, A LOT of bugs are still present, typos, voiceover missing, etc.

I understand a lot of us want to PvP but it IS a beta test so everything should be tested.

I need à ticket boost too … :frowning:

I completely understand that point of view and agree with it. If they give a 50 boost almost no1 will actually level manually. At the same time, this is the last test the game is gonna have before release, so I’m not very excited about a fix as important as this (it completely breaks the whole pvp part of the game) going straight to release without testing.

And i know there will be internal testing, but as is obvious right now its not perfect. In fact, if amazon games is in charge of testing im very very concerned about it, coming from new world.

Yes I think they should definitely have another beta to test these things again.


Just letting the folks in this thread know that we have an update rolling out tonight to help address the scaling of PvP sub-level 50. You can find that information HERE

Good luck in Arkesia!


AMAZING NEWS!! Thank you :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

Awesome news :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

This is great, ty!