[bug] [Argos] "wrong alignment =damage?"


Since some weeks I encouter an annoying bug with not a real workaround. I don’t know the real “name” of the mechanic so I try my best to explain it.

Argos p1 used to have this one random mechanic where he emits an aura of one of the alignments (sun & moon) if he has the moon circle - sun ppl can atack him for like 6 seconds and need to step out of the circle once to reset the bar above there head. If they don’t, and the bar reaches zero they get like alot of damage.
And I mean my 1490+ deathblade with 120k HP gets like 90k damage.
So if u utterly destroy Argos and sweap his ass from teanquil mechanic to tranquil mechanic. The circle isn’t showing up - but u still get the bar above ur head and it basically doesn’t matter how far u run from Argos the bar will continue to tick down and u will get the 90k damage.

To be fair I only encounter the bug since I bus Argos. But I bus him on every char and some of my 1445 chars are nearly one shot by this - and I usually don’t bus with a supp so it’s unessesarly costly.

There are two different times where you can get the bar above your head in Argos p1

The first one is what you described as Aura around the boss, if it’s a Sun aura, sun party can stand inside and play normal, moon needs to step out to reset the bar once in a while

The second time is after the safe zone mechanic, where half get moon stacks and the other half get sun stacks (10 stacks, 30 seconds)

Back then, this was the “don’t attack and just run around” mechanic

As bus driver, I guess you just ignore it and are attacking the boss, get rid of your stacks and the boss charges during that time.

If Argos is too long in an unbalanced state, for example you are sun, you attack and the boss is sun charged. After some time, sun players will get a bar above their head, and take damage, if moon does not balance it out.

At the end of the mechanic, when the boss is still sun charged, moon party will be wiped.

It is not a bug but just how the mechanic is. As a driver, either you wait the 30 seconds or take a potion if you can’t wait, or move the second driver to the other party so you both cancel the stacks and keep the boss neutral

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So it’s intended? Garbage mechanic not gonna lie. Maybe my judgment is compromised due to me beeing a bus driver but still. I can’t see the reason behind this mech. Sure the moon party gets wiped if sun alinngment isn’t canceled out but why punish the sun party for example if the moon party doesn’t atack?

Well I guess I will Continue to chuck down some potions then. Thy for clarifying.

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Thank you for explaining this, Sophomore!

Listing this as the solution.