[Bug] Awakening skill Stuck after being cancelled

I was doing Caspiel with the Artist and the following happened:

  • I pressed the Awakening skill
  • As the skill animation started, Caspiel pushed me (looks like i didnt had the Superarmour for the first frames)
  • The Awakening skill didnt got used, not the CD started, but after that point if i tried to use the Awakening skill again, the animation started and stopped, being able to spam it (for not use other than a constant wave pulses and the character little scream)

Could not get a video of the awakening spam, but you may recognize the waves as the single wave that expands when you start using the skill.
Ir got fixed as i left the area but could get really anoyning if happens during a raid or a PvP area.

Thanks for reporting this. What is your character name and server name?

Character: Burbüja
Server: Arthetine on SA

As i told in the end, it fixed on leaving the area, but may seem a good idea checking it so it doest happen to anybody else

Glad to hear this is fixed.