Bug : Bard - Prelude of Death


Since the last update (15/03) my Prelude of death doesnt work proprely anymore.

So the Skill is supposed to create 2 waves of sound, each wave add a debuff on the ennmis, then explose, dmg increased by number of stacks, etc.
But right now, the skill always does 1 wave only, even if you take the Tripod to have +1 wave (so 3), you’re still stuck at 1.

In the patch there is : * Prelude of Death

  • Skill casting shortened.

But that probably impact it somehow

Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention, Rynax. I will submit this to the dev team.


the skill work properly.
the patchnote translation isn’t clear enough for PoD.

They shortened the animation by fully removing the individual rotation wave (what i call “bong”).
Now, all hits follow each others in a single rotation wave.

So instead of doing : bong-bong-bong , you do only 1 bong but with all hit inside the same one.
If you still have a doubt, check the HP bar of the target and you’lll see the debuff x2/x3 (for the damage, it goes pretty fast now, so you should record it and read the vid in slow-mo and you’ll see the distinct damage during the same rotation).

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