[Bug] Beard Color


I made a veteran Gunlancer who is artsy and uses blue highlights in his hair and beard, but the beard highlights don’t display properly. They are supposed to look like this (sorry for poor quality, but I can only see how it’s supposed to look in the Character Profile):

Screenshot (15)

But in game it actually bugs out and randomly appears as one of the following:

By the glory of my blue beard, please fix this.
Thank you.


It’s not just color issue, beard is transparent from different angles and especially noticeble with Berserker’s Alar Skin:

It’s so annoying, I hope it’ll be fixed soon.

Just want to bump to repeat that this is still an issue.

Still an issue. My paladin’s beard has this very same issue, and other facial hair styles aren’t visible from certain angles. Hope this gets more attention with the release of destroyer this month.

Hello there, Drakeeper. I’m sorry to see this bug is still happening to the folks in this thread.

I’ll get it to the development team. And thank you Sarvanascha for the image comparisons of the beard.

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