BUG - Bleak Night Fog not completing

There seems to be a problem with the daily una quest “Bleak Night Fog” as in it does not complete. Finished a ghost ship event the one at 460ilvl and the quest has yet to be completed. After listening to the ghost story when accepting the quest it just says " Confirm the ghost story at the ghost ship

  • Defeat the one controlling the ghost ship" and nothing happens when killing the boss at the ship.

Yes, I am having the same issue. I thought I am doing something wrong, but clearly the quest is not working. It does not give you the complete once you kill the boss.

This is a huge bug and need to be addressed as this daily give you the Eiberns wounds.


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Same issue here. My guess is that if you complete the ship before picking up the quest for the first time of the week then it locks the quest out. Hopefully picking up the quest Thursday then doing it works but we are will behind a few days for the ship

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Same here, i just did the ghost ship ilvl 460, and it didnt complete the quest

Same issue. Did you guys get rewards when you “completed” the ghost ship without having used your reward for the week?

Asking because, I failed my first one and thought rewards would be needed to complete quest.

here is also having this problem!

twice now in the past 7 days. Last week, we failed the 960 and then I went and completed the 460. This week I completed the 960 and got it complete that time. But then 2 days later completed the 960 again and no quest complete. I guess you can only complete it when you get rewards? Or use a ticket.

Does the 460 counts?

how it suppose to work, i started the guest and then hopped in to the ghost ship and killed the boss but my guest did not complete? and now im locked untill reset

same just finished it did 3 today no luck

Not work for me too i do it 2 times today and nothing

Got this problem too. Completed the 460gearscore Nightmare ghost ship yesterday without the task. Today, took task, read note and completed ship… quest still shows 0 complete. If it only completes if you have not done the ghost ship that week, then it needs to say so!

I’m having this problem too, I already did the quest(ghost ship) 3 times, and it didn’t count for the daily.
it’s the 3rd time I tried to complete this week…
Char Lirian
Server Kazeros

can confirm still bugged. completing the ghost ship before accepting the quest locks you out of being able to complete it.

Can confirm its bugged, i was able to compelte 460 ghost ship for the una quest last week and now it does not complete. and yes i already F5 before going in.

of course it does . the ship is weekly event u cant accept the una after u make the ship as the ship will be ready after week reset again for u. so just on thursday reset accept the una first then do the event and then use daily skip tickets from store . that way it works for me. i noticed ppl trying to do ghost ship daily without getting any tiks on task but they dont realising they can get reward once per week only

Same problem, did it 2x both time killed boss and no reward

i am T3 so i think i know how procyon compass and weekly works , thanks. again here to confirm bleak night fog is bugged.

and again i just did my una`s and my quest is tracking perfectly fine with progress so no game bug as global

didnt happen to you doesnt mean it doesnt happen to others. u think people are stupid and you’re smarter?