[BUG] Cannot cross bridge in Morai Ruins after Hotfix

Yeah this is an unfortunate one.

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This bug is holding progress. After pvp hotfix, we can’t play pvp if we don’t reach 26

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Same, just keep dancing in the dungeon until we can cross the bridge :notes::weary:

Yup, definitely broken.

its been 2 hours since i encountered this bug… leave the dung and lvl an alt

I am stuck too. =( This is a known issue [Downtime] Closed Beta Hotfix

same issue

any update on when this will be fixed?

Ich habe diesen Bug ebenfalls. Laut Chat betrifft das alle.

Yeesh, the game is already made for them… They have issues with updates and breaking thing. New World is a riddled mess with this issue.

Find an issue, attempt to fix it, then create more game breaking issues. I hope the don’t wreck this game. May have to just keep playing the Russian server… we will see I guess

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We had an emergency maintenance late last night that should fix these dungeon progression issues

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Fixed for me now.

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