Bug - Crystalline Aura Daily Rapport Action

Crystalline Aura is supposed to give a +1 daily rapport action. This used to be noted and visible in the rapport screen with a +1 in the parentheses of either the instrument or emote. That has disappeared and I have a 0 showing on both pieces.


Crystalline Aura +1 is used up first, you appear to have used it since the daily action amount is 5. I did all of my rapport and it’s 0(0) for me on that screen but I did 6 emotes and 6 instrument plays.

Mine used to only have a +1 in one of the two spots and even when all my actions were used up, it still showed that +1. So, maybe mine never looked right to begin with? no idea. I have 6 and 6 this morning so I guess it must be ok.