[BUG] Demonic Arena PVP Bug

Hi! Demonics in PVP are bugged and don´t get all the skills from their transformation if they are not high lvl. In this case, I´m lvl 26 but only have the first 4 demon skills. The missing skills are also highly impactful.

Apparently, this is also happening in the Russian version (I´m lvl 50 there so hadn´t noticed before):

I tried it out, and the Scouter has the same problem, obviously this is not important for the West release as it won´t start here.


Pretty sure its not a bug. I tried this back on the RU server a month before NA release or so. You wont have full access to all of your demon form abilities until youve unlocked them outside of PvP. Idk why it works like that, it just does.