[Bug] Destruction Punisher Set Hide Skin Issue

I have purchased and have been wearing the Paladin Destruction Punisher set. If I hide the Chestpiece + pants skin, which is only equip able in the chestpiece slot, it will only hide the Chestpiece part of the skin and not the pants, and there is no way to hide the pants skin requiring me to unequip the skin and lose out on the stats and bonuses if I would like to display my armor

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we also got scammed as it doesn’t count as us having legs. the “chest and leg” armor should be giving us +2% str, not 1%.

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same bug here

2 Weeks, skin is still broken for many and not what agreed to pay for as it is not even compatible with your game, please fix hide option or separate it into chest and legs so it work properly or at least let us return it