[BUG] Edit Nickname Character Limit Incorrect

When making a new guild, the default Nicknames for the various positions (Guildmate, Officer, Guild Deputy, and Guildleader) are already set by default.

But, when you edit a nickname, the character limit says 12 characters. But, the text box will only ever allow 6 characters to be typed in.

So, my question is that, is the edit nickname really only a modification of the position titles locally to your screen, or is this a global edit of position names for the guild, meaning if I edit nickname of a guild position, everyone in that same position will receive the nickname edit change?

Bug: Character limits are incorrect for guild nicknames.


Wanted to make sure this is noticed by the development team.

Just wanted to bump this to make sure the developers see this.


Still nothing from devs

Another 12 days passes, and still no response from the Devs? Please could you acknowledge this bug and at least let us know it is being looked into