[BUG] - Game crash when logging to main character or returning to character selection

Game crash when logging to main character or returning to character selection.

I left my main character in fortress, nothing suspicious yesterday. I closed the game normally via QUIT.

  • server choose screen loads a bit slower,
  • when i chose server Im playing on: Sceptrum i see my main and brand new alt characters (so database works fine)
  • I choose my main character and i wait around 3-5seconds to get an error message:


ofcourse clicking “OK” means I’ve exited the game.

Measures already done:

  • multiple file integrity verification done,
  • system diagnostics done,
  • firewall antivirus diagnostics done,

I do have internet connection via cable ethernet 1Tbit and no issues like that happened before.


forgot to mention:

  • other players Im in contact with have the same issue.

Same issue here, was playing just fine, got disconnected and now cannot log back in.

P.S. and I also know other people with same issue, and others without. I’m wondering if it might be related with geolocation, as In my guild no one has that issue yet but a friend from my city is having same issue.
P.P.S. My Teamspeak just got D.cd so I rebooted again, and now it works… no ideia whats going on

Have this same problem on NERIA

I cannot log in to my account on Neria. I can log in to every other server. When i click on Neria it just loads for 5minutes and kicks me out of the game the window says ”An error occured. Exiting the game”. I try to log in for 1,5 hour straight… Any fixes soon?

I’ve restarted my computer and router. Logged in. Working so far. If issue will repeat i will report here again.