[BUG] Game Crashes Only On Lumerus Dungeon

As said in the title, my game client crashes every time as I enter matchmaking for lumerus guardian raid. All the other guardians loads fine, nothing wrong with chaos dungeon either. After the game crashes, I cannot log back in until the party finishes the raid.

I got the same issue.

Game is crashing if i try to get into the Guardian Raid Lumerus.
The loadingscreen pops up for a few seconds and then the game is gone.

I already did Lumerus without problems. Could that be a problem with a quest i have, where i have to do the Lumerus raid?
It is a quest from the Foggy Ridge. I would give you the questname. But i cannot login with my main atm. because of the Bug.

I found the solution to this bug.

After letting Stream check the files from Lost Ark, one file was corrupt and had to be redownloaded. After that i could do the quest.