[BUG] Game is crashing ! Fix ASAP

Hello we having server dc and EAC closing error message during chaos, guardian and all.

Fix asap please.


Released a broken game


And here we go, same errors again and again.

Yeap, disconnected twice already in the first 10 minutes.


yeah same here EUC Asta server

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Same, killed Valtan and crashed so no loot for us. Got lockout of the ID now. Fix pls also Asta

Got the same problem EUC Inanna…

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Same , did Oreha boss and my game crashed at 2x HP . Got back in , I get weekly cooldown and 0 rewards (gold/loot) . FIX THIS ASAP !

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true…just lost rested exp and daily chaos. nice.

ive logged after dc but there is empty chaos.

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Same,lost rested chaos dungeon.

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same here on EUC Asta, lost connection in chaos dungeon - 50 Aura of Resonance gone :frowning:

same crashed 2 times dont enter any instance!

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@Roxx Please we need a fix today

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looks like a quick 5 hour maintenance on short notice xd

Are you sure it’s a bug? EAC is responsible for VPN check, maybe they made it check player’s connection more often in case of some workaround.

You think they intentionally want ppl to dc every 5 minutes?

That’s not what I meant. It could be another layer of security to prevent people from different regions to join

omg the game crash 2 time which i am in chaos dungeons . waste my daily count

New anti bot measure lol

crashed in a chaos dungeon, luckily it was room 3…
would expect to be refunded by x2 or x4 resonance plz @Roxx