[bug] Grand Prix reward shop

Because the extra mats are there to help people progress through T2 & T3. After stressing they want people to play at their own pace what do players still in T1 & T2 when they can’t access these materials now & they won’t be there in the future? We should be able to access & store them so when we reach the appropriate ilvl we have access to the same amount of mats everyone did or we’ll be stuck.

I mean, there has to be some sort of benefit if you already progressed there right? if you are not T3, you don’t need T3 mats now as you can’t progress with them. When you reach T3 there will 100% be another event up that will make you progress as fast as we did in T3 with the additional mats.
Why should you “struggle” less in T3 than others that are there now, just because you got there slower and were able to gather more t3 mats passively than others.
This isn’t something to “make you catch up”, this is for people that need those extra mats to progress. It’s the same with the pirate ship exchange, you can’t buy that aswell - I don’t see you complaining about that.

because patchnotes say ilvl is removed from event vendor.

don’t be stubborn, accept it and move on.

its a bug needs to be fixed and i want a compensation for last week. thats why i am here

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yes here too still gated + no 3000 Tokens after Mainteance like they said

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Right. Where will players get extra mats to progress when they reach those ilvls when the events are over & gone?

quoting myself as you don’t seem to understand how vendors work ingame

quoting myself again, as it is in KR and RU there is always an event running

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patchnoes say something differnt. even roxx said something differnt.
thats why i ask for clarification.

While I see your point, I wouldn’t mind players being able to access T3 materials from the Event while not being in T3 (I am at 1364 atm).
They can sell it to push through T2 (T2 prices are low, but players stuck there have nothing to sell so its high to them…) or hoard it so they can catch up faster to their friends once they have pushed through.

More importantly thogh like others already said: The patchnotes implied that iLVL was removed for all items which it wasn’t

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I didn’t know that! But to add to it AGS did say the ilvl requirement was removed & it wasn’t. That’s good news though, I’m happy to hear extra mats will be available consistently. Are events constant then? If so that’s pretty awesome.

What I saw from streamers that play on KR there is always an event up, Zeals said it not long ago

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Who is Zeals, a mod here? I haven’t seen them before.

streamer who also plays on KR servers - on youtube he has a bunch of useful videos “zealsambitions”

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Oh interesting, I’ll give him a listen, thanks!

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I think they just failed at communication with that post. I doubt they intended to change ilvl requirements for materials also as it doesnt make any sense since you can’t even use them. It is the same with every other vendor that gives you materials

@Roxx Could you pls clearify this?
The Mats are still ilvl locked, thought the patchnotes say something diffrent.

That’s the whole damn point, reach appropriate ilvl first then earn such rewards.

You’re basically asking them say Hey, I know I’llbe hitting 802 or 1320 in 6 months, can I buy them now because oh i don’t know fuck you because I play your game you should treat players like king and queen


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