Bug Gunslinger Dark Omen Pants Color

Gunslingers Dark Omen Pants have a different Color than the Rest of the Skin.
They have more of a red/brown tint compared to the grey/silver and green tint of the rest of the outfit.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, MonstaNRG.

Can I have a screenshot of this?

Im not sure if its the Chest thats the Odd part or the Pants.
But its pretty obvious that at Hip Height there is a Difference in Color.
The most Obvious Spots are the Metal Web Accents which are Silver on the Chest and Brownish on the Pants

That does look a bit odd :thinking: .

What is your character name and server name? Thanks a bunch for the screenshots!

Sorry for the late Reply.
Server: EU-Central Beatrice
Character Name: Monstanrg

The Glow for the Weapon and Chest etc. also seems kinda off to me.
Still a nice Skin, but it would look even better if the Colors matched.

Not a problem! I appreciate your reply :slight_smile: . I’ll send this to our team.