[bug] I can't access my second upgrade lab upgrade in my stronghold

My stronghold is now level 19 and because of that I have now access at two upgrade at the same time, but in my CTRL+1 or management setting in the stronghold I can only see 1 at a time if I they are not working at the same time. This mean that I can’t start a second one because I do not see or have access at all to the second upgrade even if the second one is finish.

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Workaround till fix: From the drop-down box select “All available” and scroll down, till you find the research with an exclamation mark. Click Complete Research there to finish the old research and you can start your next research (the ones with lightbulb icons).
Same for dispatch and crafting station.

Edit: The option is called “All Research”

Thank you for the information I really appreciate it.