Bug in the 2nd awakening skill questline

So I was following that big questline that gives you the 2nd awakening skill but ended up in a dead end.
At the end of the quest “Memories and Records”, after talking to Bastien, I should be able to finish this quest talking to Sasha, but she’s not there. I’ve watched a video with the same quest and the person was able to deliver the quest without any problem.

Am I missing something or is really bugged?
(Sorry for bad english, not my first language).

Did you figure it out? I’m stuck on the same situation right now. Can’t find sasha anywhere, I click on the localization icon and the purple ! doesn’t blink

UPDATE: I just logged out for an hour and then sasha was back xd

I just kept doing other purple quests and eventually the npc showed up.

Sooo I am running into the SAME exact bug. I am on the last leg of this quest and Sasha is just not there…

For me I went to the arthetine docks where I talked to the reporter guy with purple question mark. Then Sasha spawned back at her place.

If you’ve picked up a rapport or other quests from Sasha, she might not return until those are complete.