Bug in the REMAINING ENERGY of the deadblade

There is a bug on the engrayving of the REMAINING ENERGY for deathblade, the increase of ATK% it’s not working meanning the engrayving it’s not working at LV3, it was working a few days before this report, and now is not, please chenk it i don’t know if is my account, if enyone else is having this issue please let me know

I have the same issue. I found that when I equipped accessories and have the “Move Speed Reduction” engraving on, I do not get the Remaining Energy buff when using my Z ability.

Not sure if relevant, but accessories I have equipped that reproduced this bug:

  • Outstanding stone of soaring (+3 Master of Escape, +6 Super Charge, +4 Move Speed Reduction)
  • Fallen Aeon Earrings (+1 Move Speed Reduction, +3 Master of Escape, +3 Surge)

When unequipping earing, reducing Move Speed Reduction node to 4, I get RE buff. Equipping it brings it to 5 nodes, lv1, and no buff when using ability.

Sounds like a bug that should be fixed. Very big bug for RE Deathblade

in my case the reduction of points is in the defense not in the speed, the funny thing is that in the training area you can use the engraving if you put it on, but outside this area it doesn’t work

bro you are a genius, I took off all the jewelry and the engraving works when I put it on again it stops working

Ahh good to know that it isn’t just movement speed, probably any negative engraving then. I guess I’ll hold off on buying and faceting stones, or hope I get real lucky

I changed a specialization jewel for a crit one and now it works fine, try to do that, or change it for a better quality one maybe that will solve it for you