[Bug-ish] Stuck behind song unlocked area

Area: Rattan Hill - Open Grave –

Incident: May or may not be intentional - when you run behind an open gate which is unlocked by song (can be unlocked by another player), and you do not have said song - you will be trapped in the area when the vines grow back.

Um, hit escape? Or use song of escape?

Obviously there are methods of getting out - can play any transport song, or hit Alt-click on any of the teleports in the region. For those who access the area by accident (when opened by another player and have not closed yet), and are unaware of the vines closing - it could be an annoyance.

Also hitting ESC has nothing to do with movement out of an area - it is not a stuck menu; it is a region of the map. shrugs

So how is this a bug to begin with?

Bug"ish" – as mentioned – it is unknown if it is an intentional mechanic. It could be set up not to trap players by allowing one way exit access, otherwise questing players would have to port and run back to continue their gameplay in the region. This could result in an annoyance for players who are simply exploring and have stumbled upon the area by accident.