Bug - (Journey) The Factory In The Secret Base Quest - If you did the Island Quest before the Journey, the "locate" will bugged

So I did the quests in Factory Island (and also defeated Tarmakum) long before I got the “(Journey) The Factory In The Secret Base” quest. Because of that, when the journey quest got to the point where it was supposed to defeat Tarmakum, it got a bug.
Cause I had defeated the boss on the island once, I immediately got the “Insert the Amorphous Circuitry” task, but the game couldn’t locate, nor did it show on the map where I should do that.
Since I was confused, and I didn’t understand what to do, I beat the boss twice more, but nothing changed.
I searched on the net, and watched a playthrough, where someone did the island quest, and unlocked the dungeon for the first time. With that I could locate for myself where to insert.
After that the circle on the floor appeared, but the quest was still not visible on the map, although the “Report neutralization to Elisa” task was already active.
And in ‘Continent filter’ (also in ‘Area filter’) the quest didn’t appear on my Mini Quest Window either. So I had to filter All quest, and check in the Journey quest, to activate the Communication Module with F5.
After that the bug was gone, and I could see the “Report to Bastian” task, and also locate it.