[BUG] Legendary Pet Reskin Removes Aura Effect

After upgrading a pet to Legendary and purchasing the Reskin potion, the pet does not maintain its legendary aura with the other pet appearances. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug, but it would make the Reskin potion useless if you had to upgrade another pet to legendary just to maintain the aura when swapping to that specific skin:

Legendary Pet Aura Effect:

Reskin Feature Enabled:

Reskin Applied:

Reskin Doesn’t Keep Legendary Aura:


Thanks for reporting this. I’ll pass it over to the team.

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After some time, I’d like to point out that this is still an existing bug.
I this morning after the update decided to reskin my recently legendary pet, into the new kakul doll. But once i used the potion and selected the new pet, nothing happened. It is stuck on saying “changing appearance” in bottom right under the pet.

To clarify, the legendary aura is completely gone (even if i change back to original pet). But the pet bonuses is still active.

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Is this bug logged and is a fix going to be put out for this? I just used 5000 cookies to reskin my legendary and the Aura was not there - it is gone. I unfortunately saw this post after it happened and see that others have the same issue. However, this post was in September and it is now a month later and I don’t see a follow up or more current post.

Can we get some information on this please?

Have we any updates on this issue yet?
I really want to use my aura on my egg pet

Nothing has been said further about this, and I doubt it will. We’ll just have to push every pet to legendary i suppose.