[BUG] Lost Ark persists after "closing" + Audio issues

If I have to Alt+F4 for any reason, or, I lose connection, or I take too long on a bathroom break, or the servers are full when logging in, my computer (Lenovo Legion 7 Gen 6 AMD 3080 - Windows 11) has to be completely restarted so that I may launch Lost Ark again. This is due to steam throwing me the error that the game is still running well after it has closed. After some investigation, I found that even though the program was “closed”, it is still running in the background with the resources still allocated. I was able to force close the task from Task Manager.

SUGGESTION: Send us back to the main menu instead of terminating the program if ANY error code happens (fatal errors would obviously still terminate the program, but connection issues would not). Maybe add a “connect/retry” button on the splash screen if people are waiting after maintenance or a new patch drops, etc.

It also seems that your audio detection/drivers are using an older system, or one that does not detect if there are any changes in audio. For example - If I unplug my headphones at any time during the session and plug them back in, I get no audio whatsoever. The simplest solution that I could think for this is to add under “audio settings” the ability to select which input/output device you would like to use.

Besides those small issues, I’m having a great time. Thanks and keep up the hard work!

Addition: It seems that the client thinks it has completely closed while steam still thinks its open. As for the task manager kill solution - it only shows up sometimes. I did notice that the NVIDIA container services were still loaded like the game would normally utilize but they have a difficult time closing out.

Not sure if any of this helps. Let me know if I can provide diagnostics in some way!