[Bug] Lost my Orange Rapport items

Hello, i was trying to give Nia gifts to increase her level and i used 3 orange rapport items at once. Only 1 has been used and lost my other 2 completely. Is there any chance i can have them back?

Oh no! I’m sorry to see you’ve lost your items, AlexLower.

I’ve moved the forum category to the support section so the support team can look into this for you.

Hello @AlexLower,

I’m sorry to hear your about your missing items.

In this occasion please reach out to our live customer support with the following information:

  • Player Name
  • Region Name
  • Approximate time of disappearance
  • Lost Item Name / Quantity / Details

They will be more than happy to make a ticket to investigate on your lost items.

As soon as you have an update let us know!. :leaves: