[Bug] Missing abilities in arena pre-50


There is currently a bug on the Russian version where if you are Shadowhunter (Demonic) and you queue for arena before level 40, you will be missing 2 skills in your demon form. I don’t know if this bug exists on Korea but I have tested it and it’s a known issue. I wanted to mention it so that possibly AGS could look into it before beta~


I don’t see a point of reporting ‘bug’ before the game is even testable. We should wait and see what will our Beta has to offer.


If the bug has gone unnoticed this long in RU it’s 100% valid to bring it up early for NA/EU :slight_smile: Nothing wrong with that.

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Yeah but Eu and Na are going to run a version of the Korean game and not the Russian Game

I don’t play Korea so I don’t know if the bug persists in that client as well.

This forum is for EU/NA only. Please stop posting anything what is in relation with RU and “Bugs”.
Guy the game didnt even released yet and beta not started. :roll_eyes:
This is like spam.

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I don’t think it’s like spam at all, many players are going to be very eager to PvP once they hit 26. Being at a disadvantage due to a bug that is rather ominous and hidden is just going to provide a bad experience for Shadowhunter players. There is no harm in posting this to atleast get eyes on it.

If we log in for the beta and everything is fine that’s awesome! If not atleast there is already a thread for it and we can get even more eyes on it.

Everyone is just really excited for NA/EU and we all want it to launch smoothly :slight_smile:

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You don’t see the point, but I saw a point. So I did it. Crazy how that works.


I agree with the sentiment of it potentially jumping the gun and being spam, but at the same time there is also a possibility it isn’t, saving a bunch of players hours of pain in the butt.

Not like the forum has terribly much going on otherwise, so I think it’s a “why not” situation.


Seems worth to have it mentioned so there is some awareness of it. With the PVP tournament and how a good number of folk may be entering into it with pre-50 characters, it would suck for those who decide to go Shadow Hunter and are missing them.

It isn’t my area of interest but I can really see Lost Ark PvP eSport taking off, since even I’ve enjoyed watching pvp matches.

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This is still bugged in the closed beta client FYI. I was playing arena on my level 26 Shadowhunter and do not have either ability on the bottom ability bar when I’m in my demonic form, no big aoe burst and no lunge jump (forget the names of the 2 abilities). Quite unfortunate because a lot of people interested in Lost Ark PvP were waiting for beta to see if they liked the pvp and this sort of thing makes the identity skill feel way weaker than it really is.