Bug - Moake Star not dropping

Been doing it for 3-4 months no drop pretty sure it’s bugged, please fix. SOOOOOO glad I have to decide if I want to keep doing this boss to a chance at this drop or do the new boss…

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One day

you’ve been doing moake since tier 1? ok


One day

not bugged, just unlucky. Keep going at it.

And miss relics from thunderwings?

I got mine while I was still 1325, barely hit him like 1% of the time xD

well obviously go for what you want first, either 6 skill points or chance at getting a decent/good accessory. Depends on what you want

I got it after about a month.

You being unlucky doesn’t constitute a bug…

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Yes … you are the only one with the bug … sure …

Hi i suffer from this bug as well, amazon please fix my moake star drop rate as i have been killing him since 1340 over a month ago.:frowning:

J/k that is how rng works lol.

Better luck next time.

lol been doing argos since it came out so do the math on that one…

Were you in a party? Which class is that?

Pretty sure you need to get down on your knees and open your mouth to let rngeesus inside you

I got it on my 2nd run
Must be a bug

For the first month or so I never was in a party. Still not sure if it matters but I always try to party up now. The superstition has gotten to me.

I’ve already accepted him as my lord and slaver

Got it when I killed it for the 1st time, I thought it’s 1st kill reward

No just asking because at 1325 your attacks barely get thru (if any.) I didn’t even know it was possible to solo for loot at 1325 since I have always heard it starts from 1340 and up. I started at 1355. Have always solo too except for one time I partied with my friend to help him.
All my star, rune and crab are from solo attempts.