Bug - Moake Star not dropping

While I understand your pain for the drop, I can tell you it 99% likely it isn’t bugged at the moment because people still claim they’ve gotten it and I even have it myself.

Im well aware i am one of the few lucky ones and this is not meant to flex in any way. With Thunderwings coming, this star is gonna be alot more annoying to go for if you haven’t gotten already, though I feel once the market crashes for accessories, it will be worth going for (or atleast do the chaos line dungeon for that star instead)

Not a bug just bad luck.

No party, people kept telling me i needed to be 1370 to even get on the loot table, they were wrong. Class was Scrapper

Got omnium on 47th kill, its not bugged and has never been, ppl get it every time.

Same mokake no Star since 80 days…



Awful and frustrating content

I’ve done moake since the first week. Haven’t missed a day and no star. I know it’s bad RNG but maybe we can get amazon to think it’s a big and give us our star.

ALSO I opened almost 800 green card packs. Every single green card has over 5 duplicates and most have 10 to 15. However… zero Solas.

I actually got my +12 LoS set before I got a Solas duplicate. Maybe time for Solas runs…


No star yet, but as other players have already dropped, it is not bugged. We have bad luck.