Bug mokoko West Luterra > Mount Zagoras

This one is not appearing in the destinated location.
I have watched many videos and guides, played every song and nothing.


Almost 5 months have passed and i still have this bug.
Please consider fixing this.


Sorry to see you’re still having this problem, Shunpo.

What is your server name?



I’m at the last mokoko, this is the one i’m missing.
Also the “Golden Mokoko” on Collectibles are not showing again.


The mokoko you are looking for is not here, it is on the next narrow path just a bit south of your position. No bug here, the guide your are using is just wrong.

Here the right position : https://papunika.com/world/?id=10811&mid=415

Hi Thyl,

Also how am i using bad guide ? since my friends from same server have the mokoko am i missing ?

Screen from video

you’re on the wrong part of the map. it’s a bit little bit down from there

Exactly, you are NOT in the right spot !
If you are using maxroll guide for this mokoko, there is an error. Go in game and see for yourself, the link i gave you is the right position.

Oh, i see now

Thank you! I was having the same issue.

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You are very welcome!

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Thanks for helping out this user!

Glad to see this is solved for you!

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