Bug MY MAIN IS FROZEN cannot play the game. please help!

im on enviska. my main “Interp” is stuck north east of vern, its a dead zone, game freezes in that area for me since update. i have no way to log in and bifrost out. it has been happening for 2 days. usually i can control alt delete and log back in and bifrost out but now im stuck at a loading screen and can’t even do that. please help.

can an admin teleport me back to any city? thanks.

also ive found the bug starts a few seconds after traveling away from the north vern port or just anywhere in that north east vern area. which means i cannot go to a handle full of islands ever.

3060 ti 9600x

same here
I went out sailing and the game kept on freezing so I had to force quit the game and restart
After several tries the game is stuck on loading screen and doesn’t let me go on my main

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I see you replied to someone else with an issue like mine. my server name is enviska NA WEST. main that is frozen is Interp
please help if you have time thank you

Hello @Interp!

I will be happy to help but I do see that the character is marked as Online, perhaps the issue has been resolved?

Let me know!


i went to the amazon chat and it was resolved. the frozen zone is still active however. if any of my characters go anywhere near the port in north vern, its instant lock out frozen. huge bug.

my alt thebrightborn is now locked frozen in the space. i boated to see if it was still broken
west. enviskal. thebrightborn is now stuck locked.

I see, I have moved your character to Prideholm!

Thank you for reporting the bug, in this category devs will be able to see it!


please take the game down now, why wait till 12am when the game isnt running properly currently

I am having this same issue. My character is Bormz on Sasha.