[BUG] Navegal's Fate Quest

Roster quest Navegal’s Fate is bugged. It is not possible to collect Corrupted Soul Shards


Same issue. Confirmed bug.

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same here, was going crazy trying to figure this out


Same here

Where do you find the quest, i wanna test it.

same issue here, cant complete it…

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north vern fesnar highlands

Same issue here

I thought I completed the quest, but now it is showing I havent on the quest tracker and I dont see it on the map anymore.

Just completed the quest: I’ve dropped the scroll from the mini-boss up north of the Barrier Trail (Veloran’s Order) after that I’ve defeated Navegal along with Thar. After activating the quest I’ve interacted with a pillar sligthly south of the summoning circles and collected the Corrupted Shard, delivered the quest to the sage near the passageway to the west and done.

Looks like it has been fixed, I was able to get the scroll again and recomplete it, now it shows complete.

same issue here

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After trying to abandon the quest because the pillars were unbreakable I can no longer loot the scroll that starts the quest. Please, fix!

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i did the same thing. and now i can’t find the quest for this to start it up

Yeah cant get this to work so I can’t move on. Thought it was a Galatur server deal

Same bug for me. I abandoned the quest and the “Veloran’s Messenger” mob hasn’t dropped the item that starts the quest again either

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same thing…

I did not receive the quest item at all - finished whole Vern, no more quests overthere, Messenger’s do not drop the quest item and Navegal’s Fate is unfinished in my tome.

Came to this today, I cannot progress as I cannot destroy the stones. I am watching others do it.

Any news on this ?

Confirming bug still active on Feb 27th