[BUG] Navegal's Fate Quest

it is not the stones, it is the black/red thingies.

Just how rare is the starter item? I had the bugged version of the quest so I failed it but I’ve fought dozens of these stupid Veloran’s Messengers without the orders dropping for me.

Actually it looks like I have the quest marked as completed, possibly due to using a fast pass on an alt? Not really sure how that happened, but I guess that’s why it won’t drop for me again?

Also not able to complete this quest. Area is highlighted, but cannot destroy the stones

I am also having this issue, quest area is highlighted but i cant break the stones to get the shards. Is there a fix on the way? I’m on EU server Antares if that helps.

Same issue here, unable to interact with the stones, abandoned the quest and now unable to re-start it.
Server Wei Eu.

same issue here. and when abandoning the quest you can’t get the drop again