Bug on Engravings

I think i just experienced a bug with engravings books.

Right now, i have 10/20 on my sorceress Reflux engraving. During leveling, i got a couple more green engravings chests and opened for green Reflux engravings books.

Buy when i used them, the books were consumed and the engraving was still at 10/20.

Was this a bug or am i missing something?

Green books are supposed to get my engraving to 20/20 for the first 3 points, right?


same here, I wasted like 500 G on grudge books…

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Similar problem with rare expert. Used 2 and still got 0/20. I have 18 left in 2nd stack and those I can’t use at all “you cannot remove tradable engraving recipe”

exact same problem with Demonic Impulse

here a screenshot of the problem.
So when I use the following item, it does not increase the value 10/20 but still gets consumed:

Running into same issue :frowning: It happened 2 days ago, and I retried today and took them again :frowning: Down 4 books or so

I used 20 books and only 14 points. Can someone explain why this is happening ?

Yep same here. 10 / 20 rares even though I’ve used close to 20.

I just bought 20 uncommon engraving recipes from the market.
The same thing happened, 20 were consumed and my engraving is still 0/20 which cannot be equipped and requires 20 uncommon recipes.

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Wish I saw this sooner, just used 10 books of Holy Aura, was at 10/20, still at 10/20. Same with Awakening, was at 11/20, read 9 books, still at 11/20. This needs to be fixed.

This happened to me with Desperate Salvation Bard engraving book. Consumed a green Desperate Salvation book while I already had 20/20 green Desperate Salvation (did not realize) but it did not stop me from consuming it. It shouldn’t have let me consume the green book since I already read 20 of them and need to read only the blue books now.

Same here. 18/20 green engraving recipes. Consumed 2 more, but still 18/20.
Hope someone fix this or share a workaround and post here. Thx!

I have the same bug with bariccade, using rare engrgaving and they vanished…

It turned out that it was just a display problem, I unequiped and re equiped the skill and was able to see that now I need Epic engraving

I just bought 20 epic books, read them and the engraving progress is still at 0/20. If I hover over the engraving it says that I need legendary books now but it’s not giving me 12 engraving points, still gives me 9 T___T