Bug on Gear Honing

Hello, I have a bug when leveling up my gear in Gear Honing. Follow the error prints.

  • Character name: Ilwojcikll
  • Problem that occurred: a bug when leveling up my gear in Gear Honing. It is not possible to level up equipment.
  • Time and date: 11:43 am BRT.
  • World/Server: Prideholme
  • Location where the problem occurred: NPC Gear Honing / Vern Castle
  • Any action that may be taken to reproduce the problem: The bug occurred right after completing 100% with Harmony Shard the equipment listed in the photos.

My guy i dont know if you manage to realize but how honning works is you have to give certain amount of shards. (bottom green crystals) and then you give the materials in this case “guardian stones (blue crystals) and leapstones (green crystal) in the middle of the screen” from what i got on the screenshots you are missing leapstones to continue your honning hope it helps!

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Buddy you are out of Leap stones.