Bug on Ice Maze Island?

May 5th- At around 3am Pacific time, I went to turn in the Humpback Whale Oil for the quest Torches of Kindness on Ice Maze Island. I had finally gotten the oil from the Una’s tasks and found some time to make my way back through the maze. I found after talking to the NPC that although he had taken the oil from my inventory, the quest had not progressed at all and had stayed at Torches of Kindness. I abandoned and reacquired the quest to see if that would fix it, but it still is stuck at Torches of Kindness. I haven’t used the Shushire oil that you can buy off the merchants yet, but I am a bit afraid to use that as it will be my last oil on that toon and will lock me out of the soul if this is a bug. Relogging in didn’t help either. Is there any way for me to solve this?

I have the same issue, the humpback whale oil disappeared on 2 of my characters … wasted 10k pirate coins


you have to go back to he worrying Sheppard in its 4 spawn locations and complete the quest.