Bug on the info about Undyeable skins

ive just bought 2 skins from Exchange Repport NPC for my Artist.
And both the “35k and 70k” skin chest dont say anything about undyeable skins.
now im stuck with 2 ugly skins i cant dye :stuck_out_tongue:
if i remember correct, the “striker version” is dyeable.
hope a GM can refound my mats or fix the skins, so i can dye them.


The red text you’re showing in the first pictures refers to the costume chest itself,

If you ctrl + right click the chest on the vendor it will give you an option to “chest preview” which will show the information for the skins, also showing they are not dyeable.

Thanks for pointing this out.

So will you guys fix this @Centeotl , or will i get my mats back?
cant be a fact, that you have to know shortcuts to figure out if the item you wanna buy, is dyeable. that should be stated clearly on the chest your buying

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I’ve moved this over to the support section as they will have more information regarding a material refund.

So where is the support? 4 days and all ive heard is… Nothing?

providence skins were never dyable and won’t be.

and you info helps me how?? and adds what to the topic??

yes it helps to know things that won’t change. Accept it & move on

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Hello @Jinxed02 !

I understand you bought 2 skins from the Rapport Exchange NPC for the Artist. As the information on the skin item states, these skins are not dyeable. Thank you @Lorf for sharing this information! We always recommend that you research the item you wish to purchase in order to make sure that it is what you want.
Unfortunately, we’re unable to make this skins dyeable or refund the materials used to purchase them. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for understanding.


No the item dont CLEARLY state that its undyeable. why did you think i needed to buy the damn skins to find out??
Fair enough that you guys wont help.
Not really a big schoocker!!!

But if you gave u self 2 min of your time and looked at the 4 screenshots that was given too you as proff. you would see that its infact NOT CLEARLY STATED!!!
Dont dont ever come say that its clearly stated, that its undyeable. Just cause your team is too LAZY to fix your bugs!