Bug (Or Maybe a Typo) - Crafting Recipe: Crafting Recipe:

Please see the below screenshot, of the Facility Structure page, in the Crafting Recipe Exchange Shop in my stronghold:

It’s also the same for the pop-up when you hover over it:

And it’s also there in the preview screen (when you click on the little magnifying glass in its listing):

As you can see, instead of the listing displaying, Crafting Recipe: Sand Play - Shovel Stand”, it says, Crafting Recipe: Crafting Recipe: Sand Play - Shovel Stand.

Honestly not really big deal, all things considering, and it’s actually kinda amusing in its own “Lost Ark” way, but still thought I’d submit it.

Location: Stronghold
NPC: [Crafting Recipe Exchange] Jeniff
Listing: Facility Structure → Crafting Recipe: Sand Play - Shovel Stand
Server: NA West - Rohendel

A crafting recipe so that you can create a crafting recipe to make a Sand play - Shovel stand.

Recipes within recipes.

I’ll forward this localisation issue to the team! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hahaha I’ve always it was some kind of innocent copy-and-paste mistake!

Let us know if you find any other localization issues!

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