[BUG] PVP wins record wiped

Not sure what happened but I had over 50 wins in Team Elimination since playing last night and after logging back in 5 hours later, it reset back to 0. It looks like my MMR also disappeared w/my win record.

My # of wins can be confirmed via achievements (Proving Grounds) in game.

Team Elimination is showing 2 wins

Achievements is showing 54 Wins

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Update – it happened again. I had 40 wins from previous delete, logged out and logged back in in less than 20 minutes and these also went to 0 again.


Same thing happened to me. And it looks like its happening to everyone. This needs to be fixed, and when it does it needs to show my previous wins. I legit have played 198 games and won 170 of them . The winrates dont show like they did in RU tho, but I’m down with that

The only reason why i’m playing now is cause I want to farm 1k wins in normals just for shows… This kinda fucked me. i’m a pvp only player so I’ll have nothing to do if they dont fix it

I posted the Bug first in the German Section, I grinded Asta Rank1 and lost all my Ranking my Vendor Poitns all… I mailed with Support 40+ Mails and now after 1 Month still same I quittet the Game and the Mods closed my Post with prove of all in Forum aswell.

I spend over 1k Hours in the Game just For PvP and Skins Founder Pack and I never will do :expressionless: it’s so frustrated