BUG: Secret Entrance Lullaby island

Title says it all Secret Entrance event will not start countdown hits zero and starts over, Server Kharmine if that matters

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Its been crashing for me as well it went from the 4th into the 5 i attempeted it like 4-5 times it would wouldnt work multiple times and the one time i was able to get into the secret entrance i didnt get my souls so i had to repeat it again only for the quest not activate

Same here. The event doesn’t spawn anymore since 3 or 4 days. I have tried multiple times to get the event, but it simply doesn’t trigger on…

Ok, to whoever is having problem having event not triggering, try even hours like 22:20 instead of 21:20… Timers are screwed

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Still bugged as of this post. Event didn’t spawn.

Once again failed to spawn as of this post. This bug is not new and there’s multiple threads about the problem.

I have been there at least four times now and there at east a half dozen other players there if not more. I would say this bug deserves priority for patching.

Surprise, surprise, quest didn’t spawn again as of this post.