BUG Shandi's Trial Focusing

Hello! I reach this stage of the quest when i need to check the photo with real Shardi and then fiind and take photos to 3 Shardi. The problem is i took a picture of them, i finish the second task, but the first task where i need to check a photo with him and when i need to use a quest item (F5), when i press F5 is not working. I changed the bind on the key with F6, still not working, i’m in the area where the quest says, still not working and i can’t abandon the quest to do it again… Any help?

I couldn’t look at the picture (ie. press F5) when I was holding the detector device.


I know i am about a year late on this however it will work if you drop the camera first (R)

Thanks for pointing this out.


No problem at all!
Hope you have a great hump day :slight_smile:

Hope you’re having a great day as well!