(BUG) Shangra island: Can't enter area with wine buff (for mokoko seed)

On two separate occasions I’ve attempted to try to get into the last area for myself that requires a wine buff. Behind this area is also the last mokoko seed I need. With both the 5 minute and 10 minute buff I am unable to enter.

It honestly sucks having to waste currency to figure out if its bugged or not, it works for others but not myself. Below are my attempts at entry, you’ll notice I have not collected the last mokoko seed there and I have both wine buffs pictured in this image. No prompt appears that allows me entry into that area.

Me trying yesterday:

Me trying again today:

If anyone knows a workaround so I don’t have to keep purchasing wine numerous times just to have this be bugged and not allow me entry please lmk.

Its not actually through that cave. its behind it. go right and try to go around.